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Some things are just too important to fool with, and one of these is the safety of your family and friends.

Sheen Marine technicians are skilled in electrical system design, knowledgable in marine electrical products  and  wiring practices, and familiar with ABYC and NMEA electrical standards.

As a result, your electrical systems are safe, and your electrical devices will work, when you most need them.

Don't experiment with your safety; leave electrical system repairs and improvements to the professionals.


We can provide you with additional batteries, cables, fuses, connectors, and all of your electrical needs, as well as complete, professional installation.

Mooring Ball

From $249

- 50 Watt Rigid Panel

- Wiring Package (10 ft)

- Solar Engine 20A Controller  

This is a great system for a racing sailboat on a mooring ball. The power generated from the sun throughout the week replenishes the energy used by your instruments on race night.

Basic Cruiser

From $599

- 2 x 50W Semi-Flexible Panels

- Wiring Package (10 ft)

- Solar Engine 50A Controller

- Displays battery voltage, charge current, and SOC.

This is the ideal system for weekend cruisers that use an ice chest and hook up to shore power in a marina about every other day.

Advanced Cruiser

From $1299

- 2 x 100W Semi-Flexible Panels

- Wiring Pkg (20 ft)

- Tristar 45A PWM Controller

- Digital Remote Meter 2 

This system can provide sufficient power to run a well equipped cruising boat including a high efficiency refrigeration system, when it is sunny at least every other day.


From $1999

 - 4 x 100W Rigid Panels

 - Wiring Pkg (20 ft)

 - Tristar 45A MPPT control

 - Digital Remote Meter 2 

Provides ample power for most live-aboard boats that include refrigeration and inverters to run AC appliances, like blenders and microwaves for brief periods.

S.A.W. Technology Marine Dealer for South Central Ontario

Solar Charging Systems To Suit Every Boat and Budget!


Marine HVAC Systems

Stay cool when it's hot and hot when it's cool!

Why shiver or swelter, when you can live in comfort
from early May to late October.

  • 16K BTU/hr cooling capacity.
  • Suits boats up to 40 feet.
  • Keep food fresh and safe on board.
  • Reverse cycle option to extend boating season
  • Single control for heat, cool, and ventilation

          Electric, Solar, and Diesel Heating / Ventilation Options To Suit Every Budget!

12 Vdc Refrigeration System

Get out of the Ice Age!

  • Works with almost any ice box up to 12 cubic feet.
  • Includes freezer compartment with ice cube tray.
  • Keep food fresh and safe on board.
  • Low power consumption
  • AC/DC models available

Stand Alone Refrigerators & Freezers Available Too!

Nova Kool

VSM 422 Vessel Monitoring System

Know your boat system status with one easy display!

  • AC (volts, amps, watts, frequency) 
  • DC house bank (volts, amps, % of charge, amp hours remaining
  • Plus second bank voltage
  • Plus up to 2 tanks** (being water, waste or fuel) for % full with high and low alarms
  • Plus, either one more tank**, one more battery, or bilge pump switch (duration or cycle alarm)

                     ** Optional tank sensors are an additional $99 each.

Complete Pre-Assembled and Custom Designed AC/DC Panels Available Too!

Blue Sea

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