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ON-Board Warranty

Normal Marine Product Warranty (This is NOT the Sheen Marine way!)

When you purchase electrical, electronic, or mechanical equipment from a marine retailer, if you have any trouble, you must call their sales person, diagnose the problem over the phone, remove it, and return it to the retailer or manufacturer, all at your own time and expense. When the product comes in, you have to go pick it, re-install, and set it up again. If you don't have the time or the know how, you have to pay regular service rates.

ON-Board Product & Installation Warranty (The Sheen Marine way!)

When you purchase your products from Sheen Marine and we install it, we automatically offer ON-board product and installation warranty service (within our normal territory) for the duration of the manufacturer's product warranty.

What this means, is that if you have a problem, during the life of the product warranty:

  • You call us.
  • We attempt to ascertain over the phone if it's a case of operator error.
    • Is so, we can normally help you solve it.
    • If not then...
  • We come to check it out.
  • If there is no fault (it is an operator error) we charge for the call.
  • If we confirm a fault with the product or installation, we:
    • Repair the fault on the spot, or
    • Remove the product and return it to the manufacturer's warranty depot.
    • Receive warranty repaired or replaced goods and return to your boat.
    • Re-install and test the products.
    • All at no charge to you*.

* If the product manufacturer determines the product is not under warranty (e.g. warranty expired, misuse, abuse etc.) our normal mileage, shipping, and service charges apply.

Sheen Marine ON-Board Installation Warranty

When we install customer supplied product, we automatically offer ON-board installation warranty service (within our normal territory) for the duration of the manufacturer's product warranty.

If you have a problem:

  • You call the product supplier.
  • If they feel it is an installation problem, then you call us.
  • We come to check it out.
  • If we confirm a valid installation warranty claim, we repair it no charge to you.*

* If we determine the issue is not a valid installation warranty claim, (e.g. warranty expired, misuse, abuse, etc.) normal mileage, shipping, and service charges apply.


Sheen Marine is very conscious of, and actively promotes measures to safeguard, the marine environment that we all enjoy for our boating recreation. We choose materials, equipment, and practices that pose the least environmental impact, while performing our services that provide the safety, performance, and asset protection that our boating community customers depend on.



Sheen Marine uses brand name products designed for the marine industry that meet all applicable environmental protection regulations for sale and use in Canada.



Soil and Ground Water Contamination Prevention

Polyester ground tarps are used at sites where a risk of possible ground contamination with liquid and solid paints, chemicals, and boat construction materials is present.


Air Pollution Avoidance

All anti-fouling paints are brushed and/or rolled, and never sprayed. Dust collection equipment is used to minimize paint and construction material particulate migration from the work site. Vehicles are not left to idle for more than 5 minutes, except in cases where needed to power tools and equipment.


Waste Management

Sheen Marine employs practices to minimize waste generation. When waste is unavoidably produced from operations, appropriate waste disposal measures and facilities are used.

All recyclable metals, electronics, and product packaging are delivered to recycling facilities.




Many of the materials used to repair and maintain boats may cause immediate or latent injury or health problems if handled incorrectly.


Sheen Marine maintains Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous materials used.


(No hazardous materials are left on customer boats or at work sites after project completion, see Environmental Protection practices.)


All staff are provided instruction on safe handling of these materials, and the proper personal protection equipment.


Your bill may include charges for equipment used for your particular project such as dust collection filters, respirators, disposable coveralls and gloves.


If you need advice on the safe handling of materials for do it yourself projects, don't be afraid to ask.